Epoxy Floor Cleaning Guide & Maintenance Tips

epoxy floor cleaning

Has grime, dirt or oil built up on your once shiny epoxy garage floor? These epoxy cleaning tips help you out!

Durable Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are great for garages because they are durable and very resilient. They are easy to maintain as long as you use the right cleaning tools. Correct maintenance is key to your epoxy floors lasing forever!

We are going to provide the best tips and tricks to help you maintain your epoxy garage floors.

What Not to Use on Your Epoxy Floor

Avoid using acidic cleaners that contain vinegar or citrus. These can remove the epoxy coating’s glossy finish. Soap is ok to use but be sure to rinse off the soap completely because the residue can cause epoxy to become slippery! Also avoid abrasive scrubbers like steel wool.

Instead Clean Epoxy Floors Using This

Diluted ammonia one of the best cleaning solutions to use on epoxy floors. If you have grime, mud, winter salt, or oil build up. Try mixing 3 oz of ammonia into a gallon of hot water. Use a non abrasive janitorial mop to clean up using the ammonia solution. It’s easy!

Removing Stubborn Track Mark Stains on Epoxy Floors

If your tires have left stubborn track marks on your beautiful epoxy floors use this trick! Use a stiff bristle brush and Goof Off which is good for removing tar and asphalt. Simply spray and gently scrub the tire marks off.

Watch How to Clean Epoxy Floors With Soap

You’ll need Simple Green Soap, stiff bristle broom, squeegee broom, gallon bucket, hot water, and a towel.

Use the hot water, soap, and stiff bristle broom to clean until soap suds are white. Rinse thoroughly and then use the squeegee broom to remove moisture. Finish off by using the bath towel to dry the epoxy floor.

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