green bay carpet cleaners

Green Bay Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Make Your Offices Look Immaculate for Customers!

We erase all of the residue left behind by customers and employees. Your high-traffic areas will look immaculate for customers!

You can vacuum and spot treat daily but eventually you are going to require a deep clean to maintain your carpet and prevent long term damage. 

Schedule regular cleanings with Advanced Carpet Care to always have your offices look professional. We guarantee our services and your satisfaction really is our number one goal. You can count on our friendly and knowledgeable technicians to use only the highest quality cleaning solutions and techniques.

Green Bay Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Trust the Carpet Cleaning Experts

With over 30+ years of expertise, you can expect your carpets to look great for your clients. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Schedule Repeat Cleanings

Don’t even think about your carpets other than how good they look! Setup a routine cleaning schedule with us and have no hassle always clean carpets! 

Professional Look

Impress your clients on how orderly your office look! You take care of your carpets like you take care of your clients! Count on our prompt and dependable team for a superior job every time. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Compared to replacing your carpet the cost of cleaning it is pennies on the dollar! Invest in a few yearly cleanings depending on your foot traffic and save money long term!

Yes, All of our products are environmentally safe. There’s no need to be concerned about irritating and unhealthy cleaning solutions when we deep clean.

We do offer carpet protectors. We offer 3M Scotchgard carpet and fabric protection.

We provide the pre-treatment of stains and soiled areas at no additional charge!

Our Truck mounted steam cleaning systems provide over 500 CFM of suction for maximum cleaning power and quick drying.

No! Our two man crews will carefully move your furniture at no charge!

We use all environmentally safe cleaning solutions including some all natural plant based solutions.

Yes we are bonded and insured!

We use the truck mounted steam extraction method of cleaning for a higher suction power and a deeper clean!

We are here and ready to help Brown County! We are headquartered in Suamico but provide same day services throughout the Green Bay Area!

We’ve been serving Green Bay for more than 25 years! It is our home and we love providing excellent service to our neighbors!

Why yes we do! Just call us at 920-434-3400 and we’ll give you a free quote!

Yes, we want to provide the best service to the residents of Green Bay! Advanced Carpet Care has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for you wonderful people of Brown County!

Yes. Although prevent heavy traffic until the carpet is totally dry. It is OK to walk on the carpet with clean shoes.

Same day services may be available. Call us early so we can setup the appointment!

It will take 2-8 hours depending on how deep of a cleaning we have to do.

Call Today for a FREE Estimate920-434-3400

We’ll Make Your Carpet Like New Today!  

Same Day Service May Be Available! Call Early & Ask!

  • Advanced Carpet Care and the owner Gary Flynn certainly place the "CARE" in the wonderful work they do. Tim and Brad were very friendly, accommodating and they excel as professionals in the carpet cleaning business. I would highly recommend Advanced Carpet Care as a 10 ­čîč for all your carpet needs.

    Beth Hoppen Avatar
    Beth Hoppen

    I can't recommend Advanced Carpet Care enough. Their work is excellent and the prices are great too. They came with 2 workers, which really speeds things up. They also helped move all my furniture out of the way so they could clean as much carpet as possible. I typically see carpet cleaners just go around obstacles, but these guys actually move stuff so they can be very thorough. After they left, the carpet looked like new and smelled fresh. We've been putting off a carpet cleaning because of the chemicals, but these guys can use non-toxic solutions and still leave you with really clean carpet. If you need a little more cleaning power, they can use a mild detergent that is still very earth-friendly. Lastly, they are a local business, and I prefer giving my money to the smaller, service-minded businesses over a huge corporation.

    Corey Coogan Avatar
    Corey Coogan

    I recently contacted Gary at Advanced Carpet Cleaning to get my living room and hallway cleaned before putting the house up for sale. Gary was excellent to deal with and the crew that came to my house was very respectful professional. The carpets look great and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism by the company. Appointment time was made with ease and the communication before and after was great. I received a follow-up phone call from Gary on a Saturday checking to see how the service was. I will definitely be using this service in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for service!!

    A Google User . Avatar
    A Google User .
  • Great experience cleaning my carpets. Quick and efficient and did a fantastic job cleaning. They were able to remove a couple stains that were stubborn when we tried to remove them ourselves. Will definitely hire them again

    Craig S Avatar
    Craig S

    My 10 year-old carpets look new!!I have been contacting Gary at Advanced Carpet Care for 10 years, and I can't say how impressed we are with the personal customer service and professional job his team does. They went above and beyond our expectations, did a very thorough job and the prices are great. I will recommend Gary and his team to everyone. Great job!

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User

    I have been using Gary and the guys at Advanced Carpet Cleaning for over 20 years now and just wanted to say Thanks so much for a fantastic job once again! I had a couple of spills this time that I never thought would come out. Of course, Gary got them out and the carpets look great! Gary and his team are friendly, efficient and always do a wonderful job! I would highly recommend them!

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
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