Best Method To Clean Carpet?

best way to clean carpet

Best Method To Clean Carpet?

What is the absolute best method to tidy carpet? Carpet makers are almost in agreement. The best way is to use hot-water extraction, also called steam cleaning. The world’s largest carpet maker, suggests using only hot-water extraction.

It is also suggested that you utilize truck-mount systems, given that portable machines don’t have as much suction power and heat. Hot-water extraction is not the only method. You can dry-clean your carpet also. Let’s take a look at both processes.

Dry Cleaning Carpet

One method uses a foam that dries in your carpet and then is vacuumed up.
Another method uses a cotton bonnet that spins. This is used to soak up the dirt in your carpet. There are some questions as to how deeply this approach can clean your carpet.

There’s a dry-cleaning substance that looks like wet sawdust. This is brushed into your carpet, where the dirt follows it. It is vacuumed out when it’s dry.

Given their doubtful efficiency, why are these approaches utilized? The main factor might be that the equipment is less expensive. It is thousands of dollars less than hot-water extraction devices.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

Hot-water extraction is the very best way to clean carpet. A great truck-mount hot-water extraction unit requires extremely hot water to use on the carpet under high pressure, and then draws it (and the dirt) out thoroughly. “Steam cleansing,” as it is typically called, has the following advantages:

  • The high heat kills bacteria, fungus, dust, and mold mites, making it the healthiest method to clean your carpet.
  • It doesn’t leave residue, if it’s done correctly. Detergent residues draw in dirt, which can harm carpet.
  • The high pressure cleans up carpet more deeply.
  • The strong vacuum cleans up carpet more deeply.
  • Heat actually helps! Above 118 degrees fahrenheit, every 18 degrees higher changes chemical reactivity by 100%. Hot water extraction cleaning is done in between 150 and 200 degrees. Is that too technical? The bottom line is that it’s just the very best method to clean your carpet.

The bottom line is that it’s simply the finest way to make sure your carpet is clean.