Carpet Cleaning Myths: Just Stop Believing This!

Carpet Cleaning Myths: Just Stop Believing This!

Carpets have been around since time immemorial and so have carpet cleaning procedures. New methods of professional carpet cleaning have given rise to a lot of myths surrounding carpet cleaning that dissuade people from getting and keeping their carpets clean.

A dirty carpet isn’t only full of dust and grime; it’s a breeding spot for diseases and germs. Actually, filthy carpets pollute the air inside your house leading to a number of ailments your family members might suffer with.

Accordingly, in order to keep your family healthy and your house clean, it is necessary to clean your carpet regularly. In the event the myths listed below have been keeping you out of cleaning your carpets, then we post them here so that you may give yourself and your family a cleaner and healthier home.

You Should Not Vacuum Carpets Too Much…Wrong

As soon as we see small balls of fluff getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner each time we vacuum, we believe that we are losing parts of our carpeting. However, research has demonstrated that vacuuming does not really destroy your carpeting. You can easily vacuum a carpet three to four times per week without quality loss for decades. Considering an ordinary carpet is vacuumed only three to four times a month, it’s very important that you increase the frequency of your vacuuming.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrinks Carpets…Nope

Gone are the days when rugs used to be made out of shrinkable natural materials like pure wool and silk. Nearly all rugs today are made out of nylon tied to a synthetic base. Since almost all people understand that synthetics do not shrink even in hot water, there are absolutely no chance of your carpeting shrinking or losing color because of steaming or warm water extraction. On the flip side, in the event that you actually have a wool or silk carpet, then hiring professionals for cleaning is a far better choice since they will know what to utilize while cleaning it so it loses neither color nor size.

Cleaning A Carpet Makes It Get Dirtier Faster??

We notice a carpet’s propensity for getting dirty increases exponentially the minute it has been cleaned. Regrettably this isn’t due to cleaning but due to “dirty” cleaning. If your carpet doesn’t get cleaned properly and residue of cleaning compounds are left inside, then it’s likely to bring in more dust and dirt than before.

It is important that the carpet is cleaned correctly and remains of compounds are completely eliminated. If cleaning is done correctly, your carpet will not pick up any more dirt than it was doing earlier. In fact, obtaining a Scotchgard coating can ensure that it remains clean and neat for a long time to come. The trick here would be to hire a fantastic professional rug cleaning business that knows its job rather than trying to do it yourself or hiring cheap but incompetent people.



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  • Just wanted you to know what a GREAT job your men did on cleaning our carpet last week! This was the first time I tried your company and I was thoroughly impressed. Your men came in and asked if there were any stains that they needed to pre-treat. They gave special attention to those areas, getting them to look just like new!I would highly recommend your company! And your employees were extremely professional.

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    A Google User

    If you want your carpets & floors to look as close to new as possible call Gary with Advanced Carpet Care Inc. These guys have never left spots on my carpet. Also all carpet is cleaned along the woodwork. For the best cleaning in Green Bay call Gary with Advanced Carpet Care Inc.!

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    A Google User

    Gary and his cleaning partner did an outstanding job deep cleaning our entire house. They were prompt, wore masks inside our home and worked very quickly and efficiently for almost 2 hours. Both gentlemen were engaging, polite and very professional. Our carpets look brand new! My husband and I are very pleased with the job that Advanced Carpet Care did and would highly recommend this service to anyone that needs their carpets cleaned!

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    Paul Bucheger

  • Very pleased with the work done - my old carpeting looks good enough to last us for a while yet! Very professional, nice people to work with. Thank you!

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    A Google User .

    I can’t recommend Advanced Carpet Care enough. Their work is excellent and the prices are great too. They came with 2 men, which speeds things up. They also moved all my furniture out of the way so they could clean all the carpet. I typically have seen other companies just go around obstacles but these guys actually move stuff so they can be thorough. After they left, the carpets looked like new and smelled fresh.We have been putting off carpet cleaning because of the chemicals, but these guys use GREEN non-toxic solutions and they still leave you with really clean carpets! If they need a little more cleaning power they can use a mild detergent that is still very earth friendly.Lastly, they are a local business, and I prefer giving my money to the smaller service-minded business over a large corporation.

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    WhiteRose .

    Gary took my call immediately and showed up fast doing a great job on my carpet on Christmas eve day.. Thanks Advanced

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    Joe Kueber