Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

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Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

Specialists recommend that you have your carpet cleaned a minimum of every year. If your carpet gets a great deal of traffic, then you might need to get it cleaned sooner. There are numerous reasons you should have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Here they are!

Eliminate Dangerous Particles

Carpets can hold a lot of food particles, pet dander, dirt, and dust. Anything that is on your shoe can wind up on your carpet. If you do not get rid of these contaminants, they will become ingrained in your carpet. This can cause smells and discolorations. These particles can also trigger bacterium and bacteria to spread throughout your home. A carpet cleaning will get rid of the harmful particles, which will assist in keeping members of your family healthy.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can activate or worsen allergies or asthma. A dirty carpet is one of the biggest causes of poor indoor air quality. An extensive carpet cleaning will improve your quality of life.

Make Your Carpet Last Longer

If you get your carpet cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, your carpet will last for a very long time. A filthy carpet is not the only an annoyance but the dirt and gunk can also cause your carpet to degrade over time. The dirt and gunk damage carpet fibers, which will mess up the structure of the carpet.

Much Easier to Maintain Your Carpet

You will have to do your part to preserve your carpet. If your carpet is clean, it will be simple for you to preserve it. All you will need to do is vacuum it on a regular basis. You must vacuum your carpet as soon as it appears a little dirty. Most people will benefit from vacuuming their carpet at least once a week.

Your Carpet Will Look Better

It can be difficult to remove spots or get rid of carpet discolorations. That is why you should call a professional if your carpet has discolorations.

Red wine, pet stains, dirt, mud and coffee spills are some of the worst types of spots that you can have on your carpet. However, a professional cleaning will be able to get rid of those spots. Your carpet will look a lot better after a thorough cleaning.

No Residue

A vacuum cleaner does not leave behind any residue. A few of the store-bought carpet cleaner do leave residue. These machines are easy to mishandle. If you get your carpet cleaned by an expert, you do not need to fret about any residue being left behind.

Improve the Appearance of Your Sanctuary

Even if the room is clean, it will look bad if the carpet is a mess. The carpet is typically among the very first things that people pay attention to when they visit your house. An excellent carpet cleaning will improve the look of your room. Make sure you make the best first impression by cleaning your carpet.



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  • Got estimate Monday, Wednesday morning he was back to clean my carpets! Very reasonable priced, carpets smell good and look great! Will definitely use again! Thanks again Gary!

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    A Google User

    Great job, very nice, helpful guys. Super clean sofa, rug. Highly recommend. ­čÖé

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    Kathy Stitman

    I had a very positive customer experience with Advanced Carpet Care. I found them to be customer friendly and enjoyable to work with. They were flexible and accomodating to my schedule and willing to move most items to clean under furniture.Our carpets smell fresh and look new and I felt good giving a local company my business. I will definately call them the next time I need my carpets cleaned!

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  • My wife and I bought a house that smelled like dog, the previous owner had 3 dogs that must have spent all of their time in the living room. I was worried that we'd have to replace the carpet but Advanced Carpet Care was able to get the dog smell out 100%. We couldn't be more happy, very pleased.

    Tony Moon Avatar

    Tony Moon

    I canÔÇÖt recommend Advanced Carpet Care enough. Their work is excellent and the prices are great too. They came with 2 men, which speeds things up. They also moved all my furniture out of the way so they could clean all the carpet. I typically have seen other companies just go around obstacles but these guys actually move stuff so they can be thorough. After they left, the carpets looked like new and smelled fresh.We have been putting off carpet cleaning because of the chemicals, but these guys use GREEN non-toxic solutions and they still leave you with really clean carpets! If they need a little more cleaning power they can use a mild detergent that is still very earth friendly.Lastly, they are a local business, and I prefer giving my money to the smaller service-minded business over a large corporation.

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    First rate service and outcome. The guys were punctual, friendly and professional - they did a great job - and on short notice too. Totally pleased with this company and highly;y recommend them. Fantastic!

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